ASV Vulnerability Scanning Tickets

  • Wednesday, 22nd May, 2024
  • 17:01pm

We are seeing an increasing number of clients furnish us with ASV Vulnerability Scan Reports.  There appear to be a growing number of companies who are offering to run these scans on websites and we do understand why clients need to be showing to take security seriously.  It's never a bad thing to be looking at security. These scan reports are sometimes many pages long with sometimes hundreds of rows of suggestions and require a significant amount of time to go through and respond to. 

In many cases a lot of content in these reports are the responsbility of the web developer and others are the responsibility of the web host.  In many cases we cannot mitigate a lot of the reported items as the client is on shared web hosting or the client is on a server running a Control Panel. In many cases the client will need to upgrade their hosting plan significantly to allow for most of the issues to be mitigated.  

Moving forward we will charge a fee to look at these reports and offer advice to our clients as it is consuming an incredible amount of staff time recently.  At the time of writing we've had 3 such reports in 2 days from different clients. Many of these scanning companies charge hundreds of pounds to run such scans so it is not realistic for us to spend hours responding to these reports when our price points for a lot of hosting plans yield a relatively small profit margin and in many cases the choice of hosting plan chosen by the client will never do well in such scan reports.

From 1 June 2024 we will charge a professional fee of £60 + VAT per hour to look at and respond to such reports and to offer advice on the content of these reports with a minimum of 1 hour charged out and in 15 minute increments after the first hour. 

We thank you for your understanding of this new policy.

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