Trainee Technical Support / Web Hosting Administration Job

  • 27th April 2023
Big Wet Fish Hosting Trainee Technical Support / Web Hosting Administration   Unfortunatley this job is no longer available. This job was advertised to replace a fully trained staff member who has decided to keep his position and not move on.   We will likely have the trainee position opened again in a couple of months. Apologies to the few ...
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East Antrim Data Centre - Core Infrastructure Upgrades - 19th April 23:30 to 20th April 06:00

  • 13th April 2023
Date of Maintenance: 19th April 2023 - 20th April 2023Time of Maintenance: 23:30 (19th April 2023) - 06:00 (20th April 2023)Nature of Maintenance: Core infrastructure upgrades - Power We are writing to inform you of core infrastructure upgrades within our East Antrim data centre, over the past year we have drastically outgrown the initial power ...
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