Jun 29th XEN39 Server RAID Issues

Update 7.30am:This was a unique situation last night.  Drive failures in servers are commonplace and that is why we have hot swap drives in arrays.  You swap teh drive, the array rebuilds and clients rarely notice.  Last night we placed drive 0 in the array and the array was rebuilding when drive 1 reported as failed. We removed the new drive ... Read More »

Jun 8th We're Stopping Selling 'Auto Renew Only' domains

The vast majority of domain names have a common sense renewal policy.  By this we mean your domain expires and you have a registrar grace period to renew these domains meaning if you forget to renew the domain in question you can still renew it for a sensible price.  .com and all the most popular domain names use this policy and it is forgiving ... Read More »

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