May 23rd 23 May 2020 - Maidenhead Network Issues

23 May 2020 - 6.45amWe received an alert that every server in our Maidenhead Data Centre Racks was offline.  We immediately called our emergency contact and were told this was planned Maintenance and we did receive notice. We did not receive any notification and have asked for clarification.  Looking at twitter we can see other clients using the ... Read More »

Apr 27th 27 April 2020 - Maidenhead Network Issues

5.49pmIomart in Maidenhead have told us they are working with Cisco to address this fault.  They still suggest this is affecting the majority of flows out of their data centre but we are not seeing this and our racks appear to be online (despite having a brief blip earlier). 5.45pmIt would appear all our servers in our racks are back.  Speaking ... Read More »

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