XEN140 Issues

Friday 8 November 2019 - 4.00pmServer 30 has 30 more accounts to restore.  Server 18 we are now processing the final wave of accounts manually and as these are the largest accounts on the server they are taking some time.  We're sorry once again for this hardware failure.  Thanks to everyone for your extended patience.Friday 8 November 2019 - ... Read More »

8th Nov 2019
Database Issues on Multiple Servers

Good MorningLast night we had reports that one server had a MySQL database issue and the mysql would not restart.  We worked through this and discovered that an update contained a bug.  This was not a cPanel issue and was in fact a reported bug with MariaDB. The issue is only affecting a very small percentage of servers and we are yet unsure of ... Read More »

6th Nov 2019
German Data Racks Outage

We had a temporary 90 minute outage this morning in our German Data Centre.  All servers remained on line and we were able to access via console but external networking across all our servers wre broken.The issue is now fully resolved and we are waiting to hear back from our data centre as to why this happened.  We trust this data centre and it ... Read More »

5th Nov 2019
Email from our Domain Supplier

If you are reading this announcement then we will have directed you to this page after you queried an email from one of our Domain Wholesale Partners.One of our Domain Wholesale Partners (the Endurance International Group trading as Public Domain Registry) are emailing all clients directly.  This email tells clients that they need to agree to ... Read More »

16th Aug 2019
Node 302 Error

Saturday 27 July 10.08amAll servers are back on line.  Effectively we switched it off an on again.  Something on the node was trying to take more resources than was available (something that in theory should not be possible on this type of virtualization).  A reboot has fixed the issue.  Apologies we did not simply reboot at 9am but we assumed ... Read More »

27th Jul 2019
Shared Server 44 Outage

We are aware that there is an ongoing issue currently on server44. Our senior system admin team are working on getting it resolved. We have had to temporarily stop key services on the server to give the team chance to look into this issue.

We will update this announcement once the issue has been resolved.

14th May 2019
Virtual Node 136 Outage

7.15am:The issue should now be resolved completely by around 9.30am. If you encounter any issues after this time, we recommend opening a ticket or jumping on live chat to talk with our team.  We appreciate your extended patience.6.00am:Our senior team is still working on this failing server.  As a precaution we are restoring the websites from ... Read More »

8th May 2019
Server 22 Continuous Load Issues

We are aware that server 22 had had higher than usual load recently.  We're going to start moving 50% of users off that server to give it a little more breathing room.  The server itself does not have any more accounts than our average across our fleet but the unusual mix of user needs is causing load.  One user was also suspended whose site ... Read More »

2nd May 2019
XEN126 - Outage

Final Update:  We swapped the failed drive (keeping the server online) and the array has rebuilt.  The array is now optimal: --------------------------------------------------------------------------DG Arr Row EID:Slot DID Type State BT Size PDC PI SED DS3 FSpace--------------------------------------------------------------------------0 - - - - ... Read More »

1st Feb 2019
XEN102 Planned Maintenance

XEN102 Node has been experiencing sporadic crashes recently.  A hardware test determined some errors in the RAM.  At 11pm on 9 January 2019 we will be taking the server off line to replace the RAM.  We expect maintenance to last 60 minutes (maximum) and we expect this to be a permanent resolution to this issue.Apologies for the inconvenience. Read More »

9th Jan 2019