Maidenhead Connectivity Issues

22 November 2018 - Maidenhead Servers Outage4.47pm:Connectivity has been restored.  We will let you know once we get a reason for outage from our data centre staff.4.41pm:We are aware that the data centre in Maidenhead appear to be experienting a network outage.  This is affecting multiple servers and many clients.  Our staff are extremely busy ... Read More »

22nd Nov 2018
Server 44 Software Upgrade and Reboot

Server Name: As part of our continuing efforts to keep our platform secure we need to update the software on the host node server 44 resides on and reboot the node after the update. We plan to complete this work on Tuesday 19 November 2018 between 8pm and 11pm. We do not expect there to be significant downtime and we ... Read More »

19th Nov 2018
Shared Server 26 Outage

9.20amApproximately 20 minutes ago we received reports that MySQL was down on this server.  A senior system administrator is working on this now.  We've had to temporarily stop Apache on the server to keep the load down while we repaired some databases.  We'll have the server back on line as quickly as we can and apologise for the blip in ... Read More »

25th Oct 2018
XEN38 RAID Emergency Rebuild

Monday 20 August - 1.55pmEverything is back on line.  Monday 20 August - 1.30pmWe're at 55% RAID rebuild now.  Your patience is appreciated.  Monday 20 August - 1pmXen38 node was showing issues with the RAID array that we wanted to address quickly to help prevent any more serious issues.  This machine houses 2 client servers and 1 server is ... Read More »

20th Aug 2018
XEN39 Server RAID Issues

Update 7.30am:This was a unique situation last night.  Drive failures in servers are commonplace and that is why we have hot swap drives in arrays.  You swap teh drive, the array rebuilds and clients rarely notice.  Last night we placed drive 0 in the array and the array was rebuilding when drive 1 reported as failed. We removed the new drive ... Read More »

29th Jun 2018
We're Stopping Selling 'Auto Renew Only' domains

The vast majority of domain names have a common sense renewal policy.  By this we mean your domain expires and you have a registrar grace period to renew these domains meaning if you forget to renew the domain in question you can still renew it for a sensible price.  .com and all the most popular domain names use this policy and it is forgiving ... Read More »

8th Jun 2018
cPanel Removing php 5.4 and php 5.5 on 18 June 2018

Hi EveryoneOn 7 June 2018 cPanel announced that on 18 June 2018 they will be pushing updates to remove php 5.4 and php 5.5 from Easyspache 4.  You can read their announcement here:'s perhaps a little short notice but it is what it is and we need to deal with it. ... Read More »

7th Jun 2018
[Resolved]: Issues Registering new UK Domain Names

We've been experiencing some issues today with registering new .UK domain names for clients.  We have two accounts with domain providers and both are unable to register .UK Domains.  The errors also make no sense - one provider is reporting all domains are not available and the other is throwing a random timeout error.  There are no reports of ... Read More »

26th May 2018
Connectivity Issues: Germany

Update 11.49amWe are all back up running again.  The data centre in Germany have posted this update.  Bear in mind this is translated by an on line tool so apologies for broken English.  Ironically there is a German Translation service in the same building as us but Google Translate is good enough in this instance! "In the meantime, the power ... Read More »

24th May 2018
Maidenhead Emergency Maintenance

Our data centre partners have alerted us to some emergency maintenance they need to perform on a segment of their network.  There are two servers affected - Server 22 and Server 120 - both shared servers.On 5 May 2018 at 1am UK time some firmware patches will need to be applied to some firmware on networking equipment and this ... Read More »

3rd May 2018