Update 10.20pm:
Websites have been resolving again for a while now (apologies we neglected to update the announcement) and we're awaiting a reason for outage from this provider.

Update 11.20am:

We've just been informed that the issue has been escalated to their Server Virtualization Provider as the issue is beyond hardware.  A high priority issue has been raised with the software vendor.  In the meantime we are starting to restore the data from backup just in case (of course we hope it is not needed).

Update 8.30am:

We're aware that Server 122 is currently off line.  We've escalated the issue to the system admins in the data centre over there and we'll have some more information soon.  Please be assured this issue has been escalated and we'll update you as soon as we have some details.  We apologise for the downtime on this shared server.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

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