The issue should now be resolved completely by around 9.30am. If you encounter any issues after this time, we recommend opening a ticket or jumping on live chat to talk with our team.  We appreciate your extended patience.


Our senior team is still working on this failing server.  As a precaution we are restoring the websites from backup to a hot spare server.  It is hoped this will not be needed and is purely a time saving precautionary measure at this stage.


Remote hands in the data centre confirm all drives are seated properly and all cables are also correctly connected.  Our senior system admin is still looking into this.  This is getting top priority and as we will post an update here shortly.


A member of management team is en route to the office and our senior system administratror on call is working on this issue remotely and communicating with the data centre remote hands.  Our remote team will be handling chats and tickets in the meantime to allow the senior team space to work.  The latest information will always be posted here as soon as we know anything. Please refresh this page for the latest information.

We're aware that one of our Nodes in our VPS Platform is down:  XEN136.  The node is showing that three drives are missing from the array.  It's highly improbable for 3 drives to fail at the same time.  Our team have attempted to fix the issue but we are waiting on our remote hands in the data centre to check all cables.  Please refresh this page for the latest information.  

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

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