Iomart in Maidenhead have told us they are working with Cisco to address this fault.  They still suggest this is affecting the majority of flows out of their data centre but we are not seeing this and our racks appear to be online (despite having a brief blip earlier).

It would appear all our servers in our racks are back.  Speaking to a competitor we know host in the same building as they are still down so until we get an update we won't be able to say the issue is resolved.  As soon as we know more we will post it here.

The data centre have confirmed that most servers in their Maidenhead faciltiy are affected.  We're not actually seeing that and only a small percentage of our servers are currently off line.  We'll post an update as soon as we know more.

We started to see alerts that some servers in Maidenhead were showing as down.  We've been speaking to our data centre partners and they tell us there is a networking issues affecting their Maidenhead facility and a wide range of servers in this facility belonging to multiple companies are affected.   We are monitoring this and we will post an update the moment we get information.

Monday, April 27, 2020

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