• Wednesday, May 26, 2021

26 May 2021 - 9.40am
Yesterday we had an issue with this server where random websites were showing 404 errors.  Nothing in any logs and the issue was extrememly ramdon. We deleted the apache configuration file and rebuilt it and the issue appeared to be resolved.  Again this morning we are seeing the same issue happening and we have just performed the same fix.  We're currently building a new server and will migrate the live data (no data loss) and will swap the IP.  This should be completed by lunchtime today.  As I write this all sites are loading again I believe but if you see any issues contact our support team.  The new server migration is happening with priority and we will update this page with progress reports.


26 May 2021 - 11.28am

The senior team have completed the final sync between the two servers and have completed the IP swap.  This should resolve the issues that was happening with 404 errors.  We have gone through the sites and they appear to be loading for us but if you notice any issues please contact us immediately.