Change to Annual Payment Discounts for Licenses

  • Sunday, 8th August, 2021
  • 08:02am

August 2021

We're proud to offer a very generous discount when clients pay for web hosting annually and we will continue to offer 2 months free when any client pays for their web hosting / web server element up front for 10 months.

From September 2021 we will no longer be offering this 2 month free on licenses when paid up front for 10 months.  Licnenses are third party items that we need to pay for and offering 2 months free means we effectively are making a loss on these items when clients pay annually. 

This means when your next invoice is generated for your server annually you will see 2 lines in the invoice.  The first line will contain the server resource cost and the second line will contain the License cost. 

Here is an example:

Single Account Server current Annual Cost is £299.90 + VAT and this includes a cPanel SOLO License and 2 months free when 10 months were paid (monthly charge £29.99)

From September 2021 the server will cost: £189.10 + VAT (pay for 10 get 12 months service) and the cPanel SOLO License will be billed at £131.88 (12 months * £10.99)
The total payable will be: £320.98 +VAT
This is still equivalent to a £3.25 per month cost saving when clients pay annually compared to the monthly cost.


Please contact our sales and accounting team via the support ticket system with any questions about this and the team will be happy to assist.  If you wish to avoid this change you can renew early for up to 5 years and get an additional 5% discount before 1 September 2021.

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