Issues with Node 704 in Gosport Data Centre

  • Wednesday, 15th September, 2021
  • 00:01am

15 September 2.09am
Rather than wait for the data centre overnight team (where network admins are usually not on shift) our Senior System Admin suspended the server in our data centre portal.  He removed the main IP from the data centre admin portal website.  He added the IP again to the data centre admin portal and he unsuspended the server.  This caused everything to start working again.  We apologise for the outage but the good news (if any outage can be good news) is that the hardware is fine and this was a networking issue outwith our control but we are glad we were able to workaround.

15 September 2.00am
Our Senior System Admin confirmed there is no issue with the network configuration on the server itself and he believes this is indeed a network issue at data centre level.  We have escalated the issue to the data centre.

15 September 1.00am
Our System admin on shift is not seeing any issues with the server configuration in networking.  He had tried multiple IP addresses on the same VLAN and nothing appears to be out of order but the IPs are not pinging. We were fairly sure this is either a gateway issue at our data centre or an IP conflict.  It's unlikely to be a double assigned IP as we are fairly strict in assigning IPs.  We called our most senior system administrator.

15 September 12.12am
Our remote hands have now connected the remote KVM stand.  We have connected to the server and see that the network is down.  Our system admins are working to troubleshoot this and we will update you once we have more information.

15 September 12.01am
We are aware that Node 704 located in Gosport appears to be down and affecting 5 client servers and Server 57 Shared Server.  This issue is getting top priority and we are waiting for the data centre remote hands to connect up a KVM connection as our iDRAC link to the server is down and the server has not come back after a Power Cycle.  We will have an update as soon as possible.  Thanks for your patience.

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