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  • Sunday, 17th October, 2021
  • 19:45pm


I trust everyone is doing well and I wanted to reach out to you about cPanel and yet another rise in their pricing.  Many of our clients will have noticed we (along with other hosts) have increased pricing since June 2019 and the majority of the price rises has been caused by cPanel raising their pricing. cPanel were sold to a Venture Capitalist company in 2019 by their founder and have raised prices three times since then:

  • June 2019 a massive price increase. 400% on average for us in our license charges (Google: cPanel June 2019 price hikes for many links to discussions on this)
  • January 2021 they announced another price rise of 10% (significatly higher than inflation)
  • January 2022 they have announced a further 10% price rise (significantly higher than inflation)

Link to January 2022 announcement:

Retail Pricing from January 2022

  • cPanel SOLO License for 1 account: $15.99 per month
  • cPanel Admin License for 5 accounts: $24.99 per month
  • cPanel Pro License for 30 accounts: $35.99 per month
  • cPanel Premier License for 100 accounts: $53.99 per month
  • Additional cPanel Accounts where servers have more than 100 accounts: $0.34 per account per month

We're unfortunately going to have to raise prices in January 2022 when the new prices come into play (10% on license costs). Every client using cPanel is affected by this.  You can avoid this and any future above inflation cost increases by moving to another Panel (see below).  You can also support a small privately owned Canadian Company (Direct Admin Panel) at the same time as withdrawing your money from a venture capitalist company who have implemented 3 above inflation price increases in 3 years.

Moving to an Alternative Panel (avoid price increases!)

I am writing to ask if you want to move your server to the Direct Admin Control Panel.  Direct Admin has come a long way since I first used it in 2019 and is now a true alternative to cPanel.  They have implemented http/2 as standard as well as now having single sign on for PHP MyAdmin for database management.  My team have tweaked our template to forward /cpanel and /webmail links to the Direct Admin alternative and where possible passwords will copy across so it should be a seamless experience.  My staff are being fully trained in the use of this panel and we have our Spam Experts Email Filtering Scripts now fully compatible with the software.  Softaculous Script Installer is available (license charge) and Imunify Anti Virus and Imunify Anti Virus + (license charge) now have a GUI version for Direct Admin (something that was lacking back in 2019) so you can manage your own Virus scanning as standard and automated malware removal if you upgrade. 

The team have already moved over 100 Single Account Servers in the past 2 weeks with very few issues so I am confident anyone with a server with Multiple domains will also have relatively minor issues if you move. 

If you move to this new Panel we will not increase your cost in January and Direct Admin have a clear policy that they do not raise prices on existing licenses (only for inflation but nothing above published inflation rates). We will therefore promise no price rises on our end for at least 2 years if you move to Direct Admin. cPanel have stated they will increase prices every January moving forward.

Please reply to the email we send you if you prefer not to move or want to talk some more.

I want to stay with cPanel

No problem just let us know and we will increase your license cost of your server by 10% on 1 January 2022 to take account of the cPanel price increases discussed above.

Who are Direct Admin

They are a Canadian Company with a small but dedicated team and we've been excited by what they have done to their product since we first used it in June 2019.  It's grown up significantly since then and they are a really awesome bunch of folk from all the communications and discussions we have had from them.  They deserve to do well and we are proud to be partnered with them.

I want to chat with you?

No problem at all just come on live chat or open a support ticket.  If you are local to our offices why not pop in for a coffee or if you are in Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland book in for a 'Coffee with your Webhost' meet as we will be travelling the country in October to chat to our wonderful clients (and future clients!). If you are from England, Scotland and Wales we'll be coming to see you soon for 'Coffee with your Webhost' so if you want us to come to your town send us a message.


Kind Regards

Stephen Kinkaid (Managing Director)

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