• Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Tuesday 7 December 2021 5.00pm
Our data centre technicians are performing emergency maintenance this evening on a core device on the network to fix the issues from earlier.  There will be network latency or short periods of downtime between 11pm and 3am overnight tonight.  We hope the off peak nature of this update will not have too big an impact.  We're sorry again about these issues today.

Tuesday 7 December 2021 10.53am
Still no further updates but conenctivity has been restored to all 41 affected IPs and all VMs are showing as online.  This was 100% a networking issue as no servers are showing as having been rebooted.  Once we receive a Reason for Outage we will update any support tickets in our monitoring queue.  We sincerely apologise if you were affected by this outage this morning.

Tuesday 7 December 2021 10.25am
Update from our data centre 'We have identified this as an issue with a specific part of our network infrastructure, this has been raised with our supplier as a Priority 1 request.  Our Senior Network Team continue to investigate in the meantime.'  As yet we do not have any ETA for a fix.  If any client urgently needs to have their Virtual Machine rebuilt in another data centre (BWF Northern Ireland or Iomart Gosport) and can change your DNS let us know and we can start work on that - we know this not ideal but it will get smaller servers back relatively quickly. We have a senior team ready to deploy these servers quickly if needed.   The issue is currently showing 41 IPs (Virtual Machines) as unreachable and we sincerely apologise if you are affected.  

Tuesday 7 December 2021 10.00am
Still no further updates we will post the moment we have one.  We are continually monitoring the status from our data centre.  We will post here regularly so please do refresh.

Tuesday 7 December 2021 9.30am
IOMART have acknowledged the issue has been passed to the senior networking team in the data centre and is being looked at with priority.  We currently see 35 virtual machines off line so it appears to be getting better.  We have tried rebooting some machines and they come back but then appear to lose connectivity after 10 minutes.  We've passed this observation onto the senior network team in IOMART via a support ticket.  We apologise again if you are affected. We will post here regularly so please do refresh.

Tuesday 7 December 2021 9.00am
We are seeing 41 Virtual Machines showing as down at our provider in Maidenhead.  We have reached out to them and they have informed us "We have noticed a few servers within a certain zone affected this morning, we are currently looking into this as a priority."  We will update this announcement as we know more.  Although 41 Virtual Machines is a very small perfentage of our total client base we are really sorry this has happened. We will post here as we know more so please do refresh this page.  Our servers in Gosport and Northern Ireland are unaffected at this time.