Networking Issues at IOMART Gosport - XEN705 Node

  • Thursday, 6th January, 2022
  • 17:28pm

This announcement affets one server hosting 12 Virtual Server clients and any client who contacts us from this server will be directed to this announcement.  We are seeing some networking issues on one server in our IOMART racks in Gosport.  We apologise if you are affected by this.  The Virtual Node has 12 Virtual Machines residing on the host node.

The iomart network is not allowing outbound connections through the gateway.  This is not a hardware issue and is confirmed as a networking issue within the data centre.  IOMART technicians had told us that the issue was resolved but 5 minutes after the issue was reported as being resolved the networking stopped working again.  You can see the reply from IOMART received at 4.59pm below.

Hi Ben,
There was an issue with the switch which was affecting the port.
We have enabled the port and the server is showing as back online now.
Please confirm things are working on your side.
Kind regards,

As at 5.10pm the issue has been escalated within IOMART as the server is showing as having no networking again.  As of 5.30pm IOMART replied to tell us the issue is resolved but we are still seeing the network as down.  We have asked them to look at this again.  Unfortunately at 7.45pm the issue is still ongoing.  We've been assured three times the issue is resolved but it's not.  We have asked again for this to be escalated. 

We are starting work on building anternative servers and restoring just to ensure clients are back and we're ever hopeful this will not be needed.

We apologise for this ongoing issue with one Virtual Node affecting 12 clients.

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