IOMART.COM Price Increase

  • Tuesday, 1st February, 2022
  • 09:27am

We wish to advise all clients that one of our service providers ( has implemented a 9% price increase across all their services due to the rise in the cost of power.  This price increase is effective from the 1st of February, 2022.  Despite our longer-term contract with this provider for stable pricing in our racks there, they have chosen to invoke a clause in the contract, 'exceptional circumstances' wherein they can force through a price increase.  The well-publicised rise in the cost of power is, unfortunately, classed as an 'exceptional circumstance'.

IOMART Statement

"Like many businesses and individuals up and down the country, we are affected by the well-publicised, record breaking, increase in wholesale energy prices. Power is one of our most significant direct costs so these increases impact us more than most. Those increases now look as though they are here to stay and as a result, we have to reflect that in our prices going forward.

We have generally tried to avoid price increases where possible. However, in light of the above, we will be increasing the price of our services by 9% from 1st February 2022."

Regrettably, this does mean that we need to increase prices for those server clients who host in this facility.  In order to help cover our costs, we will be implementing a 4% price increase for those clients with a server in IOMART from your next billing date.  This increase is below the current UK inflation rate of 5.4%. If you want to avoid this price increase you may want to consider a move to our East Antrim Data Centre where although we have similar power increases we are able to hold prices there for at least the next year.

You may also want to review your server resources. Removing some unutilised RAM or CPU may help make this unexpected increase negligible and our support team can audit your server's usage and make recommendations based on what you have versus what you need.  Even removing half a GB of RAM from a cloud server could help ensure your cost remains the same should you need to negate this price rise.

Coming off the back of the recent cPanel 10% license cost increase, this is not an announcement we wanted to make today.  The reason we did not announce this sooner was that we have been in discussions with IOMART but there is, unfortunately, no negotiation on the 9% increase in costs.  

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