• Monday, June 13, 2022

Price Review Summer 2022

As you may be aware a few months ago we increased prices on some products by 4% as a result of a 9% wholesale cost increase by our main supplier for our server racks and infrastructure.  With regret we need to impose a further 5% price increase to account for general cost rises across the board including but not limited to staffing, electricity, gas and hardware shortages pushing all costs up significantly.

Whilst price rises are never welcomed and this is little consolation, our price increases are still below the projected UK rate of inflation.

Any client who wishes to lock in their old cost (pre the initial 4% increase) may pre pay for up to 2 years.  Just contact our team before 15 July 2022.  Any client who wishes to move to Direct Admin Control Panel as opposed to cPanel can also avoid any price rises for 2 years.

Just to note GoDaddy basic shared hosting plan is £6.99 per month (with a discount only available if you pre pay for three years).  We are £1.44 per month cheaper than that for our Lite plan with greater discounts available if you pre pay in advance. We truly believe our pricing whilst increasing today is still very good value for money in the marketplace.

We also need to start charging for our Spam Experts Product. This is a third party product that we get charged for each time we deploy a license.  Any client who has been given Spam Experts in the past will continue to receive the license free of cost for as long as you host with us.

Our team are here to assist should you have any questions about this please do reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

BWF Management