21 June 2022 - Cloudflare Issues

  • Tuesday, 21st June, 2022
  • 07:49am

8.30 am Tuesday 21 June 2022
Cloudflare have indicated that a fix has been implemented and they are monitoring the results.

8.15 am Tuesday 21 June 2022
Websites that were showing as down with a Cloudflare 500 internal server error now appear to be functioning normally again.  Cloudflare have yet to update their status page but things are looking at lot brighter.  

8.10 am Tuesday 21 June 2022
Cloudflare Status Page now indicates the problem has been identified and a fix is being implemented but there is no indication at this stage as to an estimated time to fix.  At this stage we cannot advise whether clients should move to our DNS Cluster and point away from Cloudflare as DNS propagation will affect that too and Cloudflare may come back in the meantime.  We can help any client who needs us to change your DNS over to us (even temporarily) if you wish.  Remember too our helpdesk is down as tawk.to uses cloudflare so we are giving top priority to the helpdesk support[at]bigwetfish.co.uk

7.30am Tuesday 21 June 2022
We are receiving alerts through our monitoring systems that hundreds of websites hosted on our servers are down.  Most of these are showing a 500 internal server error.  This issue is nothing to do with our servers  and all our servers are working normally but the issue is with Cloudflare.  Every site we see 'down' uses Cloudflare for their DNS on their domain name.  If your website is down at this time then it is likely because you are using Cloudflare for your DNS on your domain name.  Unfortunately our live chat service (tawk.to) is also using Cloudflare so our live chat is currently down too.  We are giving top priority to our helpdesk so please email support[a]bigwetfish.co.uk if you need any assistance.  Our team can help you route your DNS away from Cloudflare to use our DNS Cluster to get your website back on line if you wish or you can just wait and see when Cloudflare comes back.  There will be some DNS Propagation delays if you get us to help you route your DNS through our DNS Cluster away from Cloudflare so at this time we do not have any specific advice.  It could be a short lived outage or it could be a longer outage.  We do not know at this stage so any decision to move your DNS away from cloudflare should be yours at this time but it will get your website back once DNS propagates.

https://www.cloudflarestatus.com/ - is the status page and the current status is pasted below


Investigating - Cloudflare is investigating wide-spread issues with our services and/or network.
Users may experience errors or timeouts reaching Cloudflare’s network or services. We will update this status page to clarify the scope of impact as we continue the investigation. The next update should be expected within 15 minutes.

Jun 2106:43 UTC


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