Maintenance Work Notification | 25/08/2022 – 23:00 BST

  • Thursday, 18th August, 2022
  • 10:58am

UPDATE : Maintenance work completed at 0330AM 26/08/2022



We are writing to inform you of some maintenance work being carried out within our East Antrim data centre in the next week, please read the below for more information. 


**What will happen?**

Some of this work will affect our cloud infrastructure and your VPS server may be offline during this time. This work will involve switching the node off briefly to allow the team to safely carry out maintenance on the hardware. 


Examples of work to be completed

  • CMOS battery replacement: This is not essential but the battery is essential to ensure saved motherboard settings are retained on a reboot. Whilst not critical we replace this it is prudent we keep on top of minor maintenance like this
  • PERC RAID battery replacement: this is critical for the effective operation of the disk array should the power fail and the server reboot in a non-graceful manner.


**When will the work be carried out?**

The maintenance window will begin at 23:00 (BST) on Thursday 25th August 2022 and is expected to last until 04:00 (BST) on Friday 26th August 2022. Please note that we expect any downtime to be minimal and not the full period of the maintenance window as we will be working on a server-by-server basis during this time.


**Who will be completing the work?**

This work will be carried out by a senior member of the BWF team, and we will ensure that the server is back online and running before the maintenance window ends.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this just pop in a support ticket. If you are concerned that this may affect you, let us know and we can inform you appropriately

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