Spam Assassin Bug (Resolved)

  • 2nd January 2010
I am opening this announcement to inform you of a bug within Spam Assassin that was causing all emails to pass through the Spam Assassin email filter to get a higher than normal score due to the year change to 2010.  Cpanel documentation on this issue is provided below. There is a ...
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January Sale 2010

  • 30th December 2009
January Sale 2010 January 2010 sees us launching our new website and with our new design comes a new feature - 'The Offer of the Month'.  Check the website on the 1st of every month to see what offer is on that month.  We have a number of exciting offers in store for both new and existing clients during the year so check back ...
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28 December 2009: Maintenance Ntice Teardrop Server

  • 28th December 2009

The 'Teardrop' server with IP is being taken off line for 30 minutes overnght to replace the backup drive which appears to have issues.  As soon as the noc staff replace this drive they will kick off a new backup of the server.

Anticipated downtime is between 15 and 30 minutes.

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Server Issue 27 December 2009:

  • 27th December 2009
After Event Information Please note this information is about the server with IP: - no other server was affected. I wanted to take the time to personally apologise to customers on this server that had issues.  This was a unique situation and is certainly one that has never happened to us in the past and we hope will never ...
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