Server 11: Apache Recompile

  • 3rd Fevereiro 2010
A client on the Server11 server has requested we enable:  exif_read_data [exif].  This is to allow the complete operation of a Joomla photo gallery script.  We want to help that client get his phot gallery working. We are therefore recompiling Apache to enable this for the client in question.  This will cause higher than ...
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February Offer of the Month

  • 31st Janeiro 2010
February 2010 Offer of the Month This month we have an extra special offer for you resellers or hosting clients who feel the time is right to move to a more secure hosting environment.  Buy a VPS or a Dedicated Server from us in February 2010 and get your first month free.  This offer is open to new and existing clients who order a ...
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  • 10th Janeiro 2010

The above server will be replaced this week.  It is 4 years old and is due to be replaced.

The new server will be brand new and will have RAID 5 to provide additional stability and data security.

The server will be taken off line mid week at 1am to perform the upgrade.  We will provide exact details here soon.


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  • 8th Janeiro 2010
Hello The is home to mainly resellers.  A number of users have been reporting Database Connection Errors when trying to access their websites.  These reports are coming in during Office Hours in the UK. We have performed an audit of this server and discovered one reseller has been selling MOODLE Virtual Learning ...
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