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We love students and we love giving student discounts !  Take a look at our current student offering that comes with a huge discount and gives web design students everything they need to host multiple websites for one small annual charge (or monthly on request).


In order to keep offering these great deals we need to perform a once per year verification that you are a student.  Here is what will happen and we are working to make this as painless as possible.

**Moving forward all student plans will renew at full retail cost and you simply need to contact us to have your discount re-applied**

New Clients
When you sign up we will send you a helpdesk ticket to your client area shortly after your account is set up asking you to verify to us that you are a student.  A simple reply providing a link to a University or College website with your portfolio will siffice or if you do not have that just photograph your student card and email it through to us at customerservice@bigwetfish.co.uk  where we will process it and confirm the discount.

Renewing Clients
We gladly apply the student discounts while you are a student or for up to 12 months after you graduate.  Your renewal will come through as a full price product so in order to re-apply the discount you just need to contact us at renewal time and we will re-apply the discount to you.   The process will take just a few moments of your time to gain such a great discount for your account renewal.

Students no longer entitled to the Discount
We appreciate moving from a students reseller package where you get in excess of 80% discount to a full retail cost package is going to be painful.  If you are no longer a student please open a ticket for attention of management at renewal time when you receive your invoice.  We will look to be as generous as possible in giving you a great package moving forward.
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