Issues with Node 704 in Gosport Data Centre

  • 15th September 2021
15 September 2.09amRather than wait for the data centre overnight team (where network admins are usually not on shift) our Senior System Admin suspended the server in our data centre portal.  He removed the main IP from the data centre admin portal website.  He added the IP again to the data centre admin portal and he unsuspended the server.  ...
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.COM Domain Price Increases

  • 16th August 2021
.COM Price Changes In response to increases at the registry level we are adjusting prices for .COM domain names effective 1 September 2021.  The cost will increase by £1 per year. We also want to let you know that Verisign the .COM registry has the right to increase the wholesale price of .COM by 7% in 2022, 2023, 2026 and 2029.  These ...
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Change to Annual Payment Discounts for Licenses

  • 8th August 2021
August 2021 We're proud to offer a very generous discount when clients pay for web hosting annually and we will continue to offer 2 months free when any client pays for their web hosting / web server element up front for 10 months. From September 2021 we will no longer be offering this 2 month free on licenses when paid up front for 10 months.  ...
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Issues with Node 518

  • 31st May 2021
1 June 2021 - 7.30amThe node has remained stable overnight.  There are some issues here we will address with priority (1) This server was deployed brand new in May 2020 but the hardware error log in iDRAC has 19 pages of concerns and the hardware took a full 2 hours to reboot yesterday while the boot sequence worked through the Dell standard ...
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