Transferring .com, .net, .info, .org, .biz into Wet Fish Domains

Transferring Your Existing Domains into Wet Fish Domains

To Order a Domain Name Transfer visit:

The process of transferring your existing domain name into 'Wet Fish Domains' is relatively straightforward and these instructions are for .com, .net, .info, .org and .biz domains.  It can take up to a week for a transfer to be completed so please do not attempt a transfer if your doamin name is about to expire within 2 weeks (allowing time to sort any problems that arise).  You can also not transfer a domain name into us within the first 60 days of registration or if you have transferred it somewhere else within the past 60 days.  Please follow the following instructions and contact us if you have any issues and we will be happy to help.


  1. Ensure you have an up to date and working email address listed with the current domain name registrar.  This is very important or the transfer will fail as you will receive an email as the domain name owner asking you to confirm the transfer.
  2. Ensure the domain name is in the unlocked state.  Most domains will default to locked so you need to log into the current registrar and unlock it.
  3. Obtain the EPP transfer code from the current registrar.  There is usually an option for this on their website or contact their support if you cannot find a link to obtain this.
  4. Log into our website and click the plans page.  From there click the link to Register a Domain Name and you will be taken to our secure ordering system.
  5. Select the I want to transfer my domain to Big Wet Fish Hosting option and enter the domain name into the appropriate box.
  6. Click Continue and remember to place a tick in the box beside your domain name in the status column.  Then click Continue.
  7. Enter the EPP code into the appropriate box, enter the nameservers for your webhosting account. Select your payment option and click Continue.
  8. Follow through the ordering process and either log in to your current customer account wirh us or create new customer account.
  9. Some hours after you have completed payment (may be 24-48 hours) you will receive an important email regarding your domain name.  You must click the appropriate link in this email to confirm the transfer.  If you do not click this link the domain name transfer will fail

Why am I being asked to pay for my Domain Name in your Transfer System?

We charge you the standard domain registration fee and use this fee to extend your registration period by whatever number of years you select. 

How long will my domain name transfer take?

It may take up to a week to fully transfer.  Please be patient.  If you are concerned at all simply contact us via our website and we will assist you.


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