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All prices in our website do not include VAT (Value Added Tax).  We do want to be transparent about this and consequently under every pricing table on our website you will see a note informing you that VAT will be added where appropriate on the invoice at checkout.

Why are prices not shown including VAT?
The reason is simple.  We have clients in over 60 countries and less than 30% of these countries of the European Union.  This means that a growing number of clients from these 40 cuntries so not need to pay VAT so their invoices will be generated without VAT.  Many EU business clients provide us with their EU VAY number meaning we can invoice those clients excluive of VAT.

Is it not confusing showing pricing without VAT?
If you need to know what the price is including VAT simply place the order and go through to checkout.  At this stage you an see the complete cost and at that point you can choose to order or walk away before making payment.  We believe this is transparent.

Thanks for understanding this policy.  If you have any questions do not hesitate in reaching out to our accounting team.

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