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Most people who use paypal have their debit or credit card linked to their account or they have paypal credit.  This means we receive the money immediately so we will immediately mark the invoice as paid and the account will be set up.  Some people have no paypal balance and have their bank account linked to their paypal account by direct debit.  In this case paypal payments will come by eCheque.  We welcome payment by Paypal eCheques but remember due to the uncleared nature of such payments the invoice will not be marked as paid until Paypal clear the eCheque.  This usually takes 7-10 days unfortunately and this time frame is set by Paypal and totally beyond our control.

If you pay by eCheque remember there will be a delay in your invoice being marked as paid and your account being set up.

Existing Clients Renewing by Paypal eCheque
If you are an existing client then in our eyes your 'credit is good!'.  If you pay by eCheque just open a support ticket for our accounting team by opening a support ticket and we will renewal all your eCheque products immediately without you needing to wait the time for the eCheque to clear.

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