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We use an anti fraud system for all orders called MAX MIND.  Every order that is placed is given a score on the Max Mind System and if certain criteria are met the order is cancelled and marked as fraud.

This system is there for our protection as well as the protection of those clients whose credit cards have been stolen and are being used for fraud orders.  Occasionally the system will flag a genuine order as fraud.  If that happens just reach out to us and we can quickly determine you are a genuine client and correct the error.

99.9% of fraud detections are accurate and we sincerely apologise if you are inadvertently marked as fraud.  We can assure you the benefits of having this system in place far outweighs the temporary inconvenience of the occasional genuine client being marked as fraud in error.  For every fraudster we prevent from ordering it's one less person who has the hassle of reporting the fraud payment to their bank as well as one less chargeback fee we need to absorb.

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