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We send invoice reminder emails to remind clients when their invoices are due for payment.  This works well for a lot of people who like the reminders but if for example you are a business client who has an accountant who will just need one reminder and will remember to pay the reminder emails are sometimes a source of frustration.

If you prefer to just receive one invoice email when an invoice is generated and not receive any reminder emails just let us know and we can tick the magic box in your client area.  That will simply mean you will only receive one email when the invoice is generated and nothing else. It is important to note that this will not stop any automated suspensions from happening to your account so if you stop the reminder emails please remember to pay!

At the moment here is what is sent out for pay monthly shared and business shared clients:

  • An email is sent out when the invoice is generated 2 weeks before due date
  • A courtesy reminder is sent out 5 days before payment is due
  • First overdue notice sent out the day after payment is due
  • Second overdue notice sent out two days after the first reminder
  • Third overdue notice sent out two days after the second reminder
  • Service suspension notice sent out two days after the third reminder

If you wish we can set it easily so you just receive the first email and no reminders.

Simply open a support ticket for our accounting team and we will gladly take care of that for you.

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