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You can add credit to your client area that will automatically be applied off any future invoices that are generated.  Some clients (especially those who pay monthly) find this a convenient way  of perhaps paying quarterly or adding funds when they remember so they do not need to remember at a particular time to pay us.

Here is how to do this:

  • Log into your Client Area
  • Click on ‘Billing’ from the client area menu
  • Click on ‘Add Funds’
  • Enter the amount you wish to add
  • Select your Payment Method
  • Click the ‘Add Funds’ Option
  • Pay the invoice that is generated and the funds will become available.

Funds will then be automatically applied off any future invoice that is generated including domain and hosting invoices.


It is very important to note that when you add funds the credit will auto apply to any future invoice generated.  Let’s say you have a domain name that you were not going to renew and wanted to let expire.  Now let’s say you have enough credit for a domain renewal.  The moment the domain renewal invoice is generated the credit will auto apply and the domain will renew - remember domains are 100% non refundable.

Therefore the ability to add funds will not be right for everyone.  Make sure if you do add funds that you cancel any products you do not want to auto renew.

Adding funds will not apply against any already open invoices.  If you add funds to cover existing unpaid invoices that already exist you must remember to view these invoices and manually add the credit to them.  Alternatively just open a support ticket for our accounting team and we will gladly do that for you.

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