Setting up Custom Name Servers

Your Reseller Account automatically comes with  name servers that you can of course use straight away for any accounts you set up on your reseller account.  Many clients are happy with this and it works well for them.

We do offer the option for all resellers to have ‘Custom Nameservers’ set up so instead of using  name servers you can use the name servers from your domain name.

Custom Name Servers for Domains registered with Us

  • Decide what custom name servers you want:  eg
  • Open a helpdesk ticket
  • We will complete the setup for you

Custom Name Servers for Domains registered elsewhere

  • Decide what custom name servers you want:  eg
  • Open a helpdesk ticket
  • We will let you know what IP addresses to tell your domain registrar and you need to ask them to ‘Register the Name Server IPs for you’
  • Let us know once that has been done and we will complete the setup for you


If you choose to use Custom Name servers after you have set up some accounts on the server with name servers and you want to change the name servers on these accounts to custom name servers after they have been created on the server let us know.  We will manually edit the DNS Zone files for you on the server to reflect this change.

We are here to help if you need any advice or assistance simple open a ticket and we will gladly assist you

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