What is a VPS Server?

Our virtual private servers are just like a mini server. What we mean by a mini server is that each VPS hosting plan is an independent split-section of a dedicated server. The virtual private server gives you the benefits of full root access, as well as using a customized Linux environment so that you can run your own web applications without affecting other users on the server or without being affected by the actions of other users on the server.

The four main areas where VPS hosting solutions are better than shared environments are

We will gladly do a security audit on your server free of cost for you.  We'll help you lock the server down to protect it against hack attempts and give you peace of mind.  With a VPS server you have complete control over security to ensure your data is safe and secure.

A VPS just hosts your websites and no other users share your resources.  This means your server will be considerably more stable than a normal shared hosting server where you share the resources with many others.

Need a new version of PHP?  Need to install additional software?  No Problem!

Need to add more CPU cores or more RAM?  With a VPS you have that option to scale up (or down) as needed and pay for just what you need.


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