Backing up a VPS Server?

All VPS servers are set up in a RAID environment which means there is data redundancy in the event of a hard drive failure.  RAID does give data security in the event of server failure but does not provide any protection in the event of data loss caused by user error or catastrophic hardware failure. 

For that reason there are two main automated backup options for our VPS clients:

Option One: CP Remote Rsync Backup Script
This is a paid script that will take your cPanel data and back it up to a remote server daily, weekly and monthly with a 7 day retention option.  It's a file based backup system so it's slower to backup and puts more load on your server.  It also uses more disk space as backups are not compressed.  The main advantage of CP Remote Rsync script is the speed of restore.  Restores are a lot faster with this backup option.

Option Two:  R1Soft Enterprise Backups
This is our recommended option for backups.  R1Soft is a block based backup system that is widely used in the industry.  it's fully customizable with your own backup policy and data retention.  Backups are a lot faster and they do not put as much pressure on the server.  The main disadvantage are the restore times.  It takes up to 4 times longer to restore a completely failed VPS server with R1Soft than it would take with CP Remote.  Given a complete server restore is a rare event most clients are more than happy with this and the benefits this backup option provides.

All Managed VPS Servers come with R1Soft as standard.  Self Managed clients can add the above as a cost effective add on option.


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