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We aim to answer all tickets within 30 minutes 24/7/365 with as many as possible resolved in that time frame

We answer all standard support tickets in the order in which they are received.  We always work as fast as possible and we do generally try to give priority to issues that are service affecting.  

We have an internal Service Level Agreement in place for our staff to aspire to.  That has us aiming to answer as many support tickets as possible within 30 minutes.  Where possible we aim to have the issue resolved within that time frame also.  Certain support issues are of course complex in nature or require further troubleshooting so as with any IT support SLA it's not possible to have all issues resolved in this time frame.  

Where issues take more than 30 minutes to resolve we promise best effort at all times.  Anyone who is concerned about the length of time a support ticket is taking to answer is welcome to come on live chat to ask our 24/7 technical team for an update.

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