Where Can I Find My Email Configuration Settings?

This is probably one of the most popular questions posed to the help desk. "What are my email configuration settings?"

To find your settings you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Login to the cPanel
  2. Locate the email accounts page by going to:
    cPanel >> Mail >> Email Accounts
  3. Locate the email account you would like to configure and click More >> Configure Email Client

In the top of the next window you will see auto configure scripts for many email clients including:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Outlook Express
  • Apple Mail

Simply download that file and run it to configure your mail client if you are using one of the above listed.

If your email client does not have an auto configure script you can use the manual settings to setup the account. These settings are located at the bottom of the screen.

To configure your individual email client you will be looking for something under File, Options, or Accounts that say Add Account, Create Account or Configure Account. Each mail client is different so the wording may be a little different.

Of course if you have any questions please contact the helpdesk by visiting http://www.bigwetfish.co.uk/whmcs or emailing suport@bigwetfish.co.uk

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