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Logging into the cPanel is the first step to almost everything that you will need to setup. This can be done one of two different ways.

The easy way:

  1. Go to
  2. Type in your username and password that was supplied to you in the welcome email
    • If you have changed the password since obviously use that instead
  3. Click Login

The slightly harder way:

  1. Login to the client area at (you are already here but might not be logged in)
  2. Click on My Products and Services
  3. Click on the icon at the far right of the account you want to log into
  4. Click the button "Login to cPanel"
    If you login properly at this step there is no need to go further.
    • If you get a "login failed" message all is not lost.
  5. Below the Login to cPanel button there is a place for you to insert a new password.
  6. Create a new password that has a strong rating
    • It will let you know if it is not strong enough
  7. Click change password
  8. Finally click Login to cPanel again and you should get in.

Of course if you have any questions please contact the helpdesk by visiting or emailing [email protected]

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